Developers Introduction & Tutorials

Programming applications for making music on Linux.

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Developers Introduction & Tutorials

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Developers introduction

To be able to make music on the Linux platform, we need software. And for software we need developers.
That's why we made this forum part, to help and stimulate (new) programmers to make our music even better!

This forum section is a good place to learn and develop skills in programming applications for making music on Linux.

This place is for newbies who do know close to nothing about programming but like to learn it.
Feel Free to ask! :roll:

This place is also for more experienced programmers to share their work, knowledge and help newbies to become pro's to!

And this should be a platform for cooperation between Linux audio developers and to ask for (new) developers to join a project or to help for a specific improvement. :arrow:

Here you find Open Audio Programming tutorials to lower the barrier into Linux Audio Programming: ... gTutorials

We also like to make you aware of the Linux Audio Developers mailinglist from
A great and active place to discuss Linux audio development issues.

There is also a IRC channel: #lad @ freenode

And once a year is organizing a great conference for Linux audio developers and users:

Happy hacking! 8)

More links:
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Re: Developers Introduction & Tutorials

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Book about programming DSP algorithms. - viewtopic.php?p=108336#p108336
LV2 wiki -
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