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new lilypondtool

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for more advanced LilyPondTool users I released a new version.

Installation instructions:

- Install Project Viewer plugin from Plugin Manager (it's a new dependency)
- Replace LilyPondTool.jar with the following file: ... ndTool.jar
and download ... ie-0.1.jar

If you encounter any problems, please let me know. (It is highly possible there will be some installation problems, so create backup of LilyPondTool.jar if you have urgent work :-))

New features:

- Instant help window now provides link to the documentation.
- Music functions are displayed with there Scheme source in the Instant help window
- PDF viewer include Stewart Holmes' Bezier tool for visual slur tweaking
- If you create a Project containing LilyPond (.ly) files, you can set one as "main file". If you click compile or preview on any of the project files, the main file will get compiled or previewed.
- reverse point-and-click that highlights the note at the cursor
- In the document wizard you can check the installed version of LilyPond.
- French and Spanish localization.
- The autocompletion now orders the words better.
- Some annoying bugs were fixed, including the old scattered line bug in JPedal. At last I found it, also fixed something in the TrueType engine, so from now on you can print useful prints from JPedal.
- jEdit 4.3pre16 compatibilty. This is good, because this release of JEdit provides a new plugin called MyDoggy, which enables sophisticated dockable window support.

Special thanks goes to Valentin Villenave (bug reporting and localization), Francisco Vila (localization) and Ole Schmidt, Gilles Thibault (feature requests).
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