Libre Music Challenge #31: TAL Noisemaker

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Libre Music Challenge #31: TAL Noisemaker

Post by nyxeles »

Welcome to the Libre Music Challenge #31, for the month of June 2024.

This is a friendly contest where we make music with free (libre) software exclusively. Everyone is welcome to join, at any skill level.
This is a place for learning and sharing knowledge, and an opportunity to explore creativity through limitation.
But most importantly, we just hope it inspires you to make some music!

The challenge for this month is to make a track using TAL Noisemaker 3 as the only sound source.
Note that this is only the older version 3 of the plugin. The newer version that you can find on the TAL website has a new UI and is not open source anymore.
You can most easily find version 3 in DISTRHO Ports (which your distro probably ships):
Otherwise MOD Audio also has a fork:

You can use any DAW and any other plugin, as long as everything is free software.

Happy music making!


Rules are the same as the previous challenges.

You can find them here for convenience:
Or here under version control: ... a/


Playlists and results of all the events:

Join us on unfa's RocketChat/Discord server! We all hang out on #libre-music-challenge at

And if you'd like to stay up to date with future announcements, there's an RSS feed you can subscribe to:


Once the voting period starts, head on over to to enter your votes.

If you are a participant of this or any previous challenge, you can simply log in with your linuxmusicians username.

If you're not a participant but still want to vote, make your interest known and I'll enable an account for you.

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