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[ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.5.0

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2023 2:38 pm
by noedig

I'm proud to present the summer of 2023 release of Konfyt, version 1.5.0!

This release has several changes and new features which caused it to be a few months late.

While the most noticeable change is probably the slight polish of the user interface, perhaps the most exciting new feature is MIDI scripting for patch layers.

You can now create scripts per layer to process MIDI events. This started as an experiment (and still is, kind of) but has turned out to be quite feasible thus far. Scripting is in JavaScript (let me finish) and is run in its own thread, separate from the GUI and JACK audio/MIDI processing threads. Currently, only patch layers with MIDI input have scripts. Scripts are disabled by default, not affecting normal operation. When scripts crash or take too long to execute, they are automatically stopped, not affecting the rest of the application.

I am very interested to hear how others experience the new scripting functionality - what works and doesn't work for you. Let me know in the comments below :P (or via email or on GitHub).

Besides scripting, there is a bunch of other additions, changes, and fixes, including the ability to disconnect other JACK client ports (and keep them disconnected), backing up of projects when saving, the option to automatically load the last opened project when launching Konfyt, and more.



  • MIDI scripting for patch layers.
  • Other JACK connections can now also break a connection, keeping the ports
  • Create project backups when saving a project.
    Backups are created in a backup subdirectory in the project directory. Two
    backups are created - one before saving, and one after saving. This ensures
    data is backed up in the case the project is opened by a previous version of
    Konfyt that does not do backups and throws away data related to newer features.
  • Live mode shortcut keys to change layer gains.
  • Time for each console print message.
  • Option in settings to open last project at startup.
  • Save window maximized state when quitting and restore at startup.
  • Command-line option to start minimized.
  • Ask before saving project in a non-empty directory.
  • Menu entry in filesystem context menu to copy path.
  • Menu entries in external app editor to browse for file and directory.


  • Disable GUI buttons when they are not applicable: external apps, Other JACK
    Connections page, Triggers page
  • Improve layout of Ports and Buses, Triggers and Other JACK Connections pages.
    Widgets are more elegantly aligned now.
  • Console popout dialog changed to window, allowing it to be maximized and treated
    like other normal windows.
  • Increase external app editor width to maximum available space.
  • Appearance: Colours of most GUI container elements and dialogs darker and
    consolidated. Dialog group box styles more modern and subdued. Layouts of
    widgets revised in several places.


  • Fix crash when exiting while an external app is still running.
  • Handle pitchbend correctly for triggers, mapping it to 0-127.


  • Statusbar

The source code and precompiled binaries (under Releases) are available on Github:

Documentation can be found at:

Some more info, links to videos and news are available on the Konfyt website:

Enjoy and happy holidays!