obs setting - line in + microphone

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obs setting - line in + microphone

Post by sue »

Hi guys,

I'm dealing with a new challenge.
I'm trying to record my piano playing with a commentary, I'm using:
- OBS Studio
- HD camera
- MIDI cable for the vmpk
- audio cable to LINE-In for the sound of the piano (I'm not using sound fonts)
- microphone

I haven't figured how to set OBS audio input setting properly. It either takes the line-in or microphone.
So far, I used the camera microphone but that has a poor quality.

I've tried Mic/AUX and audio input (alsa, pulse) but I can't get it work together. I can only set 'default' or my soundcard which isn't really helping since both goes through that.
Maybe I could use also external audio card, but sounds more and more complicated.

Any ideas how to set it up?
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Re: obs setting - line in + microphone

Post by Dominique »

The main issue when recording audio with a computer is the optimization of the hardware, of the line/mic input. An audio mixer like alsamixer will show You the audio levels in dB. The hardware is always optimized to get the best compromise in the analog part of the inputs when the corresponding level is set to 0 dB, no less, no more, and that with no boost or setting like that.

Which imply than, in order to get the best possible sound from a cheap hardware, its input level must be set to 0 dB, you must use a vu-meter as usual into the recording software and set the recording level with an external mixer plugged between the mic and the input of the PC. With such a setting, you will get the best signal/noise ratio and the best headroom out of the analog part of the input.

If you cannot do that, you must have an audio source with a nominal output level that will correspond to the audio input of the computer. Some microphones have built-in preamps which correspond to a line level. As it is different normalizations of a line level, that imply than, on the long run, the best solution is to get a mixer.

Most, i think all, combined mic/line input devices have a 0 dB level that correspond to a line level, not to a mic level. When using a mic without preamp, you will have to boost the input level and the signal/noise ratio can get very poor.

For the software part of your issue, I can only say You to use jack as sound server in order to do any kind of serious audio work on linux. JACK for Jack Audio Connection Kit is the one and only professional sound server on GNU/linux. When used to it, you will never look back.

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