How to document plugins/programs/presets for yourself?

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How to document plugins/programs/presets for yourself?

Post by tavasti »

At least I have problems remember all the software and presets that I have found useful. Reading music related stuff from this forum, irc or some other place, seeing link for interesting plugin. Download it, 'I will test when have time'. Or even test it quickly. So question is, how to document these things for myself? One possibility is to have it shared with others, but then data usability may be lost. Plugin that works great for metal maniac won't be that great for hip hop producer, and needs of Lo-Fi producer and progressive fusion are different. Another thing is that marking 'downloaded, not tested' is not meaningful for others :-)

So what tools to use, what fields to have in data? My idea is to use google sheets, but any better ideas? Some local app or web-based solution (can install stuff onto own server) are also possible.
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Re: How to document plugins/programs/presets for yourself?

Post by Basslint »

I suggest a personal wiki such as Zim :D
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