Midi keyboard controller with audio interface 200+ gigs of samples

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Midi keyboard controller with audio interface 200+ gigs of samples

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https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail ... ios-mac-pc


Got wine, linvst, and Bitwig or Reaper? i5/7 with 8 gig ram?
Overcome accountafobia? For $300, you get amidi controller with
a hi-res usb audio interface, (mic, guitar etc) and surface control integration
with the SampleTank bundle. No idea if this integration part will work in linux.

Then a great big batch of sounds in IK's proprietary format,
used multi-timbrally as desired In SampleTank 4.

from IK, you get SampleTank 4 Max

From the keyboard bundle, you get

SampleTank 4 SE
Miroslav Philharmonic 2 CE
T-Racks 4 Deluxe (the version I received has 7 or 8 modules,
the EQ module I tried sounds great.

Syntronic Pro V (add to the free Stntronik, and the free
Syntronik is well worth exploring)

Ableton Live Lite 10 (a few people have used/registered this in some linux)

iOS SampleTank (upgrades free CS version to full version
with 145 instruments)

iOS Miroslav Philharmonic 2

iOS Syntronic Pro V (Prophet 5 and 10 sounds, add to the free Snntronik)

I don't work for IK, but like their products in linux, and take both
the meat and the bones home from the market, and figure out what to cook later.

SampleTank Max sounds are around 200 gig, SampleTank 3 about 33 gig,
Miroslav another 15, they come as zip archives, many are 3 or 4 gig in size, and each has it's own installer,
but I unarchive them one at a time as desired, and copy them to the relevant folders,
which are set up by the SampleTank software installer itself, folders like Samples, Instruments,
Patterns, Arpeggios etc no rocket science.

Got an ipad? Got serious sounds! iOS apps are less expensive than vsts,
but these ST4, Miroslav, and Syntronik Free with Pro V are nice indeed.)
Santa got a big sleigh this year? Kids bored? grandkids need to start somewhere?

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