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Re: Download for Linux

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gogulan wrote:...You all may know this wonderful VST-Plugin for Drums: MT Power Drumkit 2 which is Freeware ... Please subscribe in order for all of us to have a native linux version soon.
This will be perfect for a midi noob like me! I'm recently back into music creation after a long absence and apart from the drums and the odd bit of sequenced piano/whatever I play everything myself, so this could be very useful. I've registered my interest.
JamesPeters wrote:I'll be completing a few kits for DrumGizmo soon, total file size (for the entire collection) is 3GB. I have a problem with my right ear at the moment though, so my final editing will have to wait a bit.
Many thanks for work :) And to everyone here for their invaluable advice and expertise! I'm finding this site a great resource.

Once I get my head around DrumGizmo I'll try it all out.
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