An Expression Gratatude

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An Expression Gratatude

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I wish to express my thanks to those who spend their hours working at creating the software that I now use almost daily. If I can sell some of the music I make with it, maybe I can send some coin your way also.

I also wish to express a deeply felt appreciation of those on this forum who have helped this sometimes cranky old guy, with the assistance that allowed me to finally get it! It has been a long term goal to get my music recorded and now there is a means available to me for this cause. The software is finally working for me as it is designed because of the assistance of the individuals who have provided their time, writing out their best guess or the facts that they knew about the situations I struggled with.

I can't wait to get a new computer now to really make this software purr along. I say that as an expression of my desire, though it will likely have to wait for a while. Even so on this 10 year old desktop it works pretty well. There are some hick-ups still, but I've learned most of the causes and have found successes coming easier.

Thanks to all mentioned above. You guys and girls are fantastic at what you do. Maybe one day I will know enough to assist someone else in a like manner, other than writing code, not my thing. I can do html but that is a different kind of code, very basic and simple comparatively. Really I just want to make and record my music.

I have put a statement of supporting FLOSS in the footer of my website.

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