contemporary classical composer here

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contemporary classical composer here

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Hi all!

I love Linux very much. I am mainly a Debian-lover, but I can adopt myself to anything similar, if my life would be easier.
I am a classical-contemporary composer. I would like to explore possibilities to develop an environment that will support and help my ideas. I am a musician too. I need therefore a software that will be a tool for me, to play with it - as it is with instrument.

What I use now?
OS X with: Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Finale
and some more rarely: Sibelius, Max, Melodyne, DSP-Quattro

I am very interested in two following aspects:
1. DAW with a sound library, manly Piano, and orchestra instruments. Is there any good library that can be used with a DAW on Linux? And which DAW would you recommend for this purpose. I am here mostly interested in audio recording (improvisations), MIDI recording (Yamaha Clavinova), and some basic editing/plug-ins of audio and MIDI. MIDI should have an ability to export (MIDI or XML).
2. A MIDI tool/plug-in that can be used together with DAW or separately.
That tool/plug-in is similar to what is found in Ableton Live:
- scale (build your own scale, let us say D-major: whatever you play on the keyboard comes out as D-major)
- arpeggiator (generates arpeggios from a single keyboard press)
- chord (generates a chord from a single keyboard press)
- or other MIDI effects if any (random, etc...)

I guess that there are many possibilities with Linux, but I am not able to test all software and plugins, and I would appreciate if you could point to what you use (from my needs presented above) and for what purpose.
All recommendations are welcome!

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Re: contemporary classical composer here

Post by English Guy »

If you use Debian I suggest adding the KX studio repositories, that way you get more and more up-to-date software managed by an audiophile.

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Re: contemporary classical composer here

Post by artek »

try pianteq as a remedy for sampled piano, bitwig as a substitute for ableton and j.e.f.f.g posts ... 1&sr=posts as source for sampled orchestra
check avlinux to taste linux music programs in tincan :)

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