unfa wish to say hello and give some praise

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unfa wish to say hello and give some praise

Post by unfa »

Hellooo nerds!

I've been listening to the podcast for several years now with some large pauses.
Recently I came back and wanted to give something back too.
I love what you do guys, listening to your podcast is such a hartwarming experience that "I'm not alone".

Why? Because I don't have anyone seriously making music with linux around me.
This is slowly changing as I'm teaching some guys LMMS and I get to know more Linux geeks, but the OSM podcast makes me feel like I have a family ;)

I want to say a deep, wide "THANK YOU!" for your OSM work.
You are rockstars!

Now, I may say something more about myself.

I was born in 1991, my first computer was a Commodore 64 -I did some simple programming as a child (a program that writes out "hello" a thousand times...) but I didn't have any tools for making music at that time.
In primary school (I believe it was 2005), my good friend gave me a copy of FL Studio 5 - and I started playing around with rhythms.
It was a ton of fun, even though no one but me could enjoy that noise.
Despite the lack of appreciation from others, I kept making music, that slowly was getting more and more enjoyable.
In around 2008, the same friend inspired my to try out Ubuntu (8.04 at that time).

After some hesitation, I soon started dual-booting Windows XP and Ubuntu to later on switch to Ubuntu Completely.
Not long before I swithced, I also dumped my work with FL Studio, as I realized I'm using illegal copy and decided I'm gonna do it legally.
I spent three days googling the internet to find a decent free program for making music.

What I found was MODPlug Tracker.
I made one album with use of it and lots of stuff that was never released.
It was mastered in Audacity.

Then I found LMMS.

Soon after this I realized that using another people's samples (free sounds found in the internet) isn't going o make me a real music producer.
I needed to learn how to make these sounds on my own. I wanted all the sounds in my music to be original and unique.

I stopped using samples, and started making all sounds with synthesizers. First it was 3xOSC from LMMS's arsenal, then I switched to ZynAddSubFX, when I realized how powerful it was.

It took me a lot of reading, trying, listening and tweaking to get any pleasant drum sounds.
Kick drums were rather easy.
Hihats were really easy.
Snares were really problematic.
And toms were impossible.
Not mentioning rides and crashes - then never sound real.

I strongly believe, that with enough knowledge and skill you can make any sound you need using ZASFX.
Using spectral analysis is a real help to model a sound.

After making lots of tracks, I managed to put together a long album: Backside Front.
Then a long (20+ minutes) track I was working on for very long (more than a year) was finally finished and released as a single: Hit me in the phase.

I'm learning a lot from experimentation and by reading blogs like http://productionadvice.co.uk/ by Ian Shepherd.

Today a new release on Jamendo was made availabile.
It's a short album, a soundtrack form an audiobook I made with some D'n'B remix bonus.

I've sent two submissions to the OSM podcasts last week, I hope to get started with Tunestroms, and get another big album out this month (this time with vocals!).

One of the long-term goals I have is to prove or make FLOSS and Gnu/Linux capable of professional music production.
I want to sell CDs or Tickets in big amounts and use exclusively Linux and Libre software to get there.
To show the world that it's possible and to make young people start their musical adventure with legal free software.

That's it :)
Hello everybody!
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Re: unfa wish to say hello and give some praise

Post by luster »

Sounds like a good plan.

Carry on!

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Re: unfa wish to say hello and give some praise

Post by ssj71 »


thanks for your praise and contributions. Sorry I've been trying to get another episode out, things have just been busy. I just didn't want to leave you hangin. If you want to contribute a full episode you are more than welcome to! Thanks for the great work, and hopefully we'll hear more of your work (and another episode) soon. :)

music: https://soundcloud.com/ssj71
My plugins are Infamous! http://ssj71.github.io/infamousPlugins
I just want to get back to making music!
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Re: unfa wish to say hello and give some praise

Post by luster »

I agree.
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Re: unfa wish to say hello and give some praise

Post by zwenny »

Seems like this thread's a little dusty, but I'd like to say thanks for inspiring the young(er) and share my story:

My journey using FLOSS (not only) for music production started in 2008, when I was a trainee. Two years later I joined this forum. 2013 was definitely a boost, when I decided to quit my job as IT specialist and study BEng Media Engineering.

Now, seven years later I've done a bachelor thesis about In-Ear Monitoring over Wi-Fi run on Raspberry Pi with RealtimePi, JACK and zita-njbridge and I'm about to get my Master's degree to do a PhD subsequently, because I'd like to educate students using FLOSS not only, but especially for media production.
Looking forward to look back what happens now

Listen to my music at:
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