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Documentation ...

Post by BrnVrn »

On the page
There is : Compiling / installing - linux / File Formats / CLI-HowTo

It would be helpful to add "Usage" or "Using" up front. Currently it is hidden at the end of "Compiling / installing - linux"

Some "Usages" are missing too: I heard about Ardour templates, ways to use Hydrogen as a Sequencer-only, to drive Ardour with DG plugin (there are mappings), But I am thinking that using Hydrogen to drive the command line tool as a jack midi client would be nice too ...

CLI-HowTo could be renamed to "Command line usage" or else

I "file format" It says "currently unreleased, check 0.9.8 for current format" ... I guess you can safely delete or move to an "obsolete" page all 0.9.8 stuff


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Re: Documentation ...

Post by deva »

The documentation is definitely lacking in quality and quantity, yes, we have talked about this many times on the team as well.
One of the things we would like to do is some instructional videos showing features and usage in different setups (Ardour, Hydrogen, Reaper, CLI, jack, etc...).
We are however very limited on manpower and time so so far we have not been able to improve much in these areas.

If you would like to you would be more than welcome to join the team and help out with these things?

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