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Re: Sightreading

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How to improve sightreading? There's no mystery to it, it just takes practice practice practice and it requires one to actually go read the music & play.
(And obviously learn where the notes are on at least the bass & treble cleffs).

Computer programs aren't really the solution to learning to read notes or improving sight reading.

I'm learning guitar and I just sightread pdf's of simple studies off a large monitor instead of printing them out to paper, although the paper method is also perfectly valid.

There are loads of old study books here which are perfectly usable and contain valid teaching methods, exercises & pieces to sight-read.

Re: chords, it's a bit pointless having a computer telling you what chord you are playing. You're supposed to know what chord you're playing, that's how it works in the real world. Learn basic triad minor & major chords & chord shapes & inversions and memorise them, whether on piano, guitar etc.

If you're pressing random notes and expecting the computer to make sense of this...... it ain't gonna work.
And if you know what chord you are playing you don't need a computer to tell you what chord it is you are playing.

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