Hydrogen 0.9.4 released‏

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Hydrogen 0.9.4 released‏

Post by Yeri »

From the hydrogen devel mailing list:
mauser wrote:Hi,

After more than 3 years we're happy to announce the release of a new
stable version of hydrogen. You can download the sourcecode of hydrogen
0.9.4 now from the sourceforge servers[1].

The new version makes use of QT4 and includes several new features and
Here's a small list of the biggest changes:

* a new soundlibrary manager
* mute groups
* improved midi support ( now configurable )
* several new translations
* playlists
* a new audiofile browser with integrated preview
* new manual
* official support for OSX
* save/load/import/export patterns
* download drumkits/songs/patterns from external servers
* and many more..

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the development! Two
years ago it looked like the project is dead, but with the help of a
fantastic community it was possible to keep up Alessandro's good work
and improve it. Thank you and enjoy the new version!!!!

https://sourceforge.net/projects/hydrog ... z/download

Re: Hydrogen 0.9.4 released‏

Post by studio32 »

Wowie good news! Thanks Mauser and other devs!
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Re: Hydrogen 0.9.4 released‏

Post by GarryO »

studio32 wrote:
Wowie good news! Thanks Mauser and other devs!
I second that!
It's compiling now....

Yeri thanks for the good news :D

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