Helio Workstation

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Helio Workstation

Post by Qualitymix »

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Re: Helio Workstation

Post by funkmuscle »

Qualitymix wrote:Found this on KVR today:

http://www.kvraudio.com/product/helio-w ... er-rudenko
messin' wid it now!! me likes so far!!
great find!!! :D

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Re: Helio Workstation

Post by davephillips »


Saw it a few months ago, didn't seem very far along then. Nice concept.



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Re: Helio Workstation

Post by stanlea »

It may be a kind of business model : you start with a free program to get a base of users, then you start to ask money for the enhanced version. Or maybe it will stay free.

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Re: Helio Workstation

Post by Luc »

A big failure on my end:

- I made the mistake of running it in full screen mode. It froze after a few seconds and I could not close it or alt+tab away from it. I switched to another tty (ctrl+alt+f5) and 'ps aux' told me it was not running anymore. But its screen wouldn't go away on tty7. I had to kill my entire X session.

- I launched it again (windowed) and told it to search two folders where I keep vst plugins. It found nothing.

- It has two (or three?) instruments, but only the piano loads. And it doesn't produce any sound.

- There seem to be three demo tracks. They play, but I get no sound whatsoever.

And it doesn't really seem to do much anyway. Shrug. Whatever.

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Re: Helio Workstation

Post by wolftune »

Aaron Wolf
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Re: Helio Workstation

Post by milk »

I put together a PKGBUILD for Arch Linux users. (stick it in an empty directory and run "makepkg -si". -s for deps, -i to install after building the package).

edit: if anyone can advise on which runtime dependencies should only be in the compile time dependencies, I'll fix that.

edit2: it's in the AUR now.
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