MuseScore «full buffer not available at start» error

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MuseScore «full buffer not available at start» error

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I'm working on KXStudio 12.04. I changed something in MuseScore configuration, trying to get the MIDI input to work. Now MuseScore doesn't start at all. When starting it from a console i get

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Alsa_driver: buffer size requested 3342 got 3343
Alsa_driver: full buffer not available at start.
Errore di segmentazione
I tried

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sudo apt-get purge musescore
sudo apt-get install musescore
But it still gives the same error. What to do?

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Re: MuseScore «full buffer not available at start» error

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I don't know about ubuntu (which kxstudio is based on) but on debian wheezy, the musescore compilation had a problem where you couldn't set it to JACK MIDI without the program crashing. Might be something similar.

Backup your old config and launch the program to get a new one created.

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mv ~/.config/MusE/MuseScore.ini ~/.config/MusE/MuseScore.ini.back
Then you can customize it bit by bit till you get to the troublesome bug.

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