Ubuntu Packaging Training day

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Ubuntu Packaging Training day

Post by studio32 »

Maybe a good point to start with packaging for the Debian/Ubuntu Multimedia Team, an Ubuntu package day :)
Hello everybody,

the Ubuntu Developer Community is proud to announce the following new
initiative to help YOU find your way into developing Ubuntu.

Thursday is from now on Packaging Training day. We'll have regular
one-hour sessions in #ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net where we'll
have speakers who present a packaging technique and leave enough time
for all packaging related questions you might have.

For those of you who are not familiar enough with the English language,
we'll have people in #ubuntu-classroom-{de,es,...} who will help to
translate your questions.

We will rotate session times to make sure the sessions work for all
timezones. We'll follow a 1st Thursday 6:00 UTC, 2nd Thursday 12:00 UTC,
3rd Thursday 18:00 UTC, 4th Thursday 0:00 UTC (5th Thursday 6:00 UTC)
pattern. For the first month April, we're proud to announce the
following sessions:

* 2nd April, 06:00 UTC: Daniel Holbach, Fixing an Ubuntu bug
* 9th April, 12:00 UTC: James Westby, bzr builddeb –in-15-minutes
* 16th April, 18:00 UTC: Didier Roche, How-to update a package
* 23rd April, 00:00 UTC: <Tutor>, TBA
* 30th April, 06:00 UTC: Daniel Holbach, Getting Started with Ubuntu

If you want to give a session, request a session, help out as a
translator, share your comments, help with the organisation or anything
else, please head over to


and let us know.

These sessions are going to be what we make of them, so let's make the
most out of them! Rock on everybody and see you on Thursday! :-)
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Re: Ubuntu Packaging Training day

Post by simta »

thanks for the heads-up, now just to see if i can be up at 7am for the session
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Re: Ubuntu Packaging Training day

Post by studio32 »

Yeah, it would be nice if there were more audio software available in the disto's! :)
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