KVR One Synth Challenge 26: ZynAddSubFX

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KVR One Synth Challenge 26: ZynAddSubFX

Post by studio32 »

KVR One Synth Challenge 26: ZynAddSubFX

The softsynth KVR picked out for this month's One Synth Challenge happens to be nothing less than good old ZynAddSubFX! The challenge is quite simple: create a track by using a single softsynth. Beats, basslines, everything has to be done with only one softsynth. Multiple instances are allowed, external effects also as long as they are freely and easily available. Well, since practically all plug-ins or external effect applications for Linux are freely available you can use just about anything. I've asked about the 'easily available' part but it doesn't matter if there are no Mac/Windows binaries available or no possibilities for using the plug-ins or apps on the aforementioned platforms. Apparently it's also ok to use a ZASFX derivative like Yoshimi.

This is actually the very first One Synth Challenge focusing on a Linux based softsynth so I'm expecting loads of entries from Linux musicians. I'd like to call upon all the jaycapela's, bass akwardz's, shrp.me's, folderol's, doosc's, louigi verona's and squeakyshoecore's within the Linux Audio community to cook up an entry and go for the honour as the prices are basically useless for Linux users anyway. How cool would it be if first place would be taken by a musician using Linux? The challenge lasts until the first of April so still two weeks to go. I'm working on my entry right as we speak and hopefully I manage to enter even more than one track because it is really fun and instructive to just work with Yoshimi and a sequencer (seq24 in my case).

via Autostatic
http://opensourcemusician.blogspot.com/ ... subfx.html

Would be cool if the winner is a Linuxaudio user / LinuxMusician! :)
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Re: KVR One Synth Challenge 26: ZynAddSubFX

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Thanks for posting this studio32!


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