[ANN] Taijiguy GigaTron: Mellotron samples for LinuxSampler

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[ANN] Taijiguy GigaTron: Mellotron samples for LinuxSampler

Post by Quirq »

Hello everyone

I posted this announcement on the LAU and LinuxSampler mailing lists yesterday and thought I'd post it here also, for the benefit of people not subscribed to either of those lists.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the Taijiguy GigaTron, a Mellotron sample set in Giga format.

The set is very kindly being hosted by the LinuxSampler website.

The samples were made by Bernie Kornowicz (aka taijiguy on the KVR Audio forums). The samples were recorded over a number of years and are freely available from taijiguy's site[1].

Some of these samples were packaged in SFZ format with his permission a couple of years ago[2]. Other KVR members have packaged the samples in Kontakt and other formats[3].

With Bernie's kind permission, I packaged the samples into Giga format using LinuxSampler's Gigedit. As the samples are his copyright and I have merely packaged them, the Giga file cannot be released under any sort of free licence, but is (and must remain) free of charge.

Each note of each sound is individually sampled, with no looping, in order to preserve the essence of the Tron. A low-pass filter is mapped to the modwheel to emulate the Mellotron's tone control. The Giga file is keyswitched to allow fast selection of the different sounds:

"M400 Violins" -- EQ'd Mk II Violins
"M400 Violins Yes EQ" -- EQ'd Mk II Violins
"M400 Violins Smooth Ryder EQ" -- EQ'd Mk II Violins
String Section
Mk II Violins
M300A (violins)
M300B (solo violin)
Mk II Brass
GC3 Brass
Mk II Flute
Combined Choir

My thanks go to taijiguy for his wonderful samples, for sharing them and for his kind permission to package them; to the Linuxsampler team for the wonderful software, for fixing a libgig bug that was hindering me, not to mention also for generously hosting the Giga file; to Ryder Duncan for his perseverance in trying to replicate the fantastic sound of the M400 Three Violins[4]; to the developers and maintainers of a number of Linux audio apps which I've made use of in the production of this sample set.

Finally, for assistance with road testing, thanks go to my tame keyboard player, Julien. A technical demo of the sounds is on the LS website, but Julien has done a very nice, musical demo using many (but not all) of the sounds, which he posted to LAU about a month ago. The track can be found here (in Ogg) or here (in MP3).

Enjoy :D


[1] http://www.leisureland.us/audio/Mellotr ... amples.htm
[2] http://realmusicmedia.net/Mellotron.html
[3] http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=304393
[4] http://ryderduncan.com/themusicalbox/?p=33
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Re: [ANN] Taijiguy GigaTron: Mellotron samples for LinuxSampler

Post by Excds »

That sounds really nice. I have to play with this when I get home! :-)
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Re: [ANN] Taijiguy GigaTron: Mellotron samples for LinuxSampler

Post by lgomes »


I know, this post is a bit old, but someone can upload this gig file again ???

Thanks !!!
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