Hello from...a novice musician, audio engineering

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Hello from...a novice musician, audio engineering

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I'm very glad to have discovered this forum. I hope it proves to have the community feel the mods clearly wish to promote.

I'm new to music production. Though I have musical talent, I don't play an instrument; though I have some knowledge of analog and digital electronics, and both together, I am new to audio engineering; though I have decades of experience writing software, I'm relatively new to Linux - I worked primarily at system-level under Windows, writing code for various kinds of signal processing, e.g., audio, image and stock price evaluation, finally left Windows three years ago in favor of Linux, but I've not reconstituted my low-level understanding and technical facility with Linux, its constitution, attributes and operations as I had acquired with Windows and MS-DOS before it. I write code still, however, though rather removed from the OS and certainly from the hardware, in C++, C and as I originally did, in Intel assembly language and its notable variations.

My creative initiative in this past decade has been in baking bread and study of the philosophical sciences. At long last, I wish to return to a more in-between creative output, too. I'm writing more and I wish to read and record the essays I've written and the fiction and non-fiction I continue to write. I wish to disseminate these recordings, even promote them. The recordings should have, where suitable, patches of music or rhythm, audio ambiance, sonic effects and enhancements, along with or upon my voice, to highlight and emphasize the content and substance of my essays and audio paintings, stories, poems and dreamscapes.

I use Ardour as my DAW, using Pop_OS. I could change either. I bought a synth, bought a reverb/delay. I'm not going to go crazy with Gear Acquisition Syndrome, as the qualified Julian Krause puts it (see his excellent audio electronics videos -- hah, so many YouTube videos demonstrate that GAS is widespread and indeed supports a large and active financial market, directly perhaps a billion dollars/year, indirectly, in all media, many hundreds of billions). I'm researching an audio interface (FocusRite disdains Linux, as do most of the manufacturers in the audio market, there's a section in this forum for that, I was glad to discover).

Thanks for reading my self-intro. The sun is now up here in NE USA. It's a pleasant, cool morning. The birds are still calling out, the cardinals with their distinctive rising repetitive sequences, the woodpeckers are chopping away. Especially the large, intimidating one or ones. Sounds like a jack hammer. Reverberates, lots of threatening low end along with sharp and percussive highs. Scares me. Such a bird has got to be 1-2 meters tall to sound like that. I saw a house nearby with a broken wall, looked like a car had run into it or a bomb had gone off right against the side. It scares me! I'm trying to write about it. There it is again. I'm hearing no screams, at least that. I have to go.

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Re: Hello from...a novice musician, audio engineering

Post by bluebell »

Welcome. Sounds like you could make some good field recordings and use them as percussion samples.

Unwanted noise in my area is from fighter jet trainings, including supersonic booms. Couldn't make any recordings since they don't announce them.

GAS? You cannot have enough audio interfaces. I am happy to have plenty of them so I could use an old Router with OpenWRT and squeezelite as an audio streaming box.

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