interrupt or "cut" drum sample

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interrupt or "cut" drum sample

Post by deperito »

Hi there,
I'm trying a bunch of solutions to put drums in my tracks, f.e. DrumGizmo ( and Hydrogen (
I was wondering it I could interrupt or just "cut" the drum samples, for example to emulate the sound of a Hi-Hat being opened and then closed, shutting down the sound of the open Hi-Hat and creating the sound a drummer makes when "playing" with the Hi-Hat pedal...

Is there a way to do this either in DrumGizmo, Hydrogen or in other drumkits/Drum Machines?
I found a way to do this cutting and playing raw drums samples in in the "Beat and bassline editor" section of LMMS, but unfortunately LMMS isn't compatible with jack and this gives me a lot of headaches...

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Re: interrupt or "cut" drum sample

Post by Impostor »

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Re: interrupt or "cut" drum sample

Post by Piergi »

Usually you put a "hi-hat pedal" or "hi-hat foot" or equivalent sample after the open hi-hat, just as you would if you were playing. If you don't want to hear the sound of the pedal, make it a note with zero velocity.

AFAIK most drumkits cymbals have a "choke" variant, that stops the preceding sample. Check the documentation (or the midi map) of your drum kit.

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