Sound comes up after a long delay

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Sound comes up after a long delay

Post by AlainT »

Hi everybody.

I just built a new computer for my organ simulator.
I am running Ubuntu Studio 22.04 and a strange phenomenon occurs: at system start up, once the GUI has appeared (Plasma), after around 9 seconds à message is briefly displayed: "<soundcard-name> analog stereo". No problem at first sight, "soundcard-name" is the name of the selected card ... BUT! If I launch the audio application (Grandorgue) BEFORE the message: no sound. If Grandorgue is launched AFTER the message has been displayed, everything's fine.
It's ennoying because I want the instrument to start as fast as possible (auto-login + autostart).

After some investigations, it appears that the message is sent by Pulse. If I change the active sound card in Pulse via Studio Control/Open Pulse Control/Configuration, the message changes as well.

The final configuration is intended to run with an EMU 0404 USB interface, and the problem occurs in the same fashion with this device.

Question: is there any log file wich registers the audio system initialisation steps? I would like to understand what causes this enormous delay.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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