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Happy to join Linux Musicians!

Post by VEN »

I recently switch to linux about a month ago now. I run Kubuntu, and am loving it. I had wanted to make the switch for a while, but kept holding off for fear of losing out on much if not all of my music production software and hardware. One morning I woke up and just decided to switch, without any certainty what I would lose. Was just done with Microsoft. And I am so happy I did.

I recently released my album "The All $eeing Eye Lacks Depth Perception" on multiple platforms:
https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/ven12 ... perception

It was not created on Linux, but it definitely marks a very important transitory phase of my life. Thanks for reading and maybe listening, take care!

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Re: Happy to join Linux Musicians!

Post by tseaver »

Welcom to LM, and happy music making!

Ubuntu, Mixbus32C; acoustic blues / country / jazz
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Re: Happy to join Linux Musicians!

Post by glowrak guy »

Hi, I enjoyed your song 'Locked Down', I like the sounds, blend, and feel. The vocals were easy to understand. Coincidentally, it was just right for my current guitar practice tone :wink: In the more energetic songs, I think some of the vocals need greater distinction from the music, to be fully appreciated, maybe some levels and tonality adjustments during the vocal parts. Stylistically, some of the bold keyboard parts tend to dominate the vocals. But In 'Onomataopeia', another fun track, the vocals were nicely competing, and the music still held interest. There are cool synths and creative fresh keys throughout the album. Pleasant surprises are always nice in the modern 'herd instinct' music scene, and you don't seem to be locked in to any one genre. Hope you're enjoying producing in linux.

There's an 'original scores & recordings' topic near bottom on the main page. If you post your album link there, I'll paste my mini-review
when I get a chance.

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