Announcement: PiPedal v1.1 Guitar Effects Pedal for Raspberry Pi.

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Announcement: PiPedal v1.1 Guitar Effects Pedal for Raspberry Pi.

Post by rerdavies »

The PiPedal project is pleased to announce the release of PiPedal v1.1.

PiPedal is a guitar effect pedal that runs on a Raspberry Pi (Pi 3 or later recommended, with at least 1GB of RAM). The pedal is controlled remotely via a web browser, phone or tablet. The Android PiPedal client allows you to connect directly to PiPedal using Wi-Fi Direct -- no WiFi router required, which makes it ideal for use on stage. Clip your phone or tablet to your mic stand; drop you Raspberry Pi 4 on the floor; and you're ready to go! A highly responsive user interface provides a UI that fits your phone or tablet, no matter how big or small it is.

PiPedal provides stable low-latency audio using either an external USB audio adapter, or an internal Raspberry Pi audio hat.

PiPedal bundles a starter set of effect plugins from the ToobAmp project; but it supports most LV2 plugins.

Major features of the v1.1 release:

  • New TooB Convolution Reverb and Cab IR plugins.

  • Volume controls on the input and output nodes of effect presets.

  • An improved onboarding procedure to allow initial configuration of PiPedal.

  • Various bug fixes, and fit-and-finish improvements.

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Re: Announcement: PiPedal v1.1 Guitar Effects Pedal for Raspberry Pi.

Post by wokrzysiek »

I've been testing pipedal recently and I love the idea of simple non nonsense interface, lightweight, easy to use and with NAM it sounds great. I'm testing it on raspberry pi 4 8GB and hx stomp as usb interface connected to rpi. There are some glitches which is not a problem. However the main issue for me is the midi implementation. The android app reacts to button press, so it means I've set it up correctly, however regardless of what's on the screen, the sound doesn't change. After button press the app shows that the effect has been disconnected, but the sound is the same. I've tested it with freeverb so far set up aggressively. Also the app doesn't react to simple cc command with value of 127, it only toogles when I send a chain of two commands, one with v=127 and v=0. IMO it should turn on when v=127 and turn off when v=0. Also toob tuner is unusable for me. I was not able to set the threshold at the correct level. It either shows random notes and acts in a weird way or shows nothing at all. Overall the idea is great and I will continue to test it. I hope you'll find the feedback useful.

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