Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

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Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by globetrotterdk »

Single note instrument player trying to learn keyboard/piano... I am not adept at reading clusters of notes (or the base clef). Having to do so slows down my piano playing as I try to process the notes.

Therefore, I am looking for a notation editor that can create piano tabs:

In Musescore, it is possible to add note letters next to each note in a chord (and I assume Sibelius does something similar). However, that doesn't really help me as I still have to skim the notes in clusters, which really slows me down when playing. Unfortunately Frescobaldi doesn't support piano tabs, and I simply can't find any software that does. Any ideas?
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Re: Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by d.healey »

Well this won't be the answer you want but... being slowed down is good, do it more and you'll get faster, but maybe start with simpler music. Get yourself a real-book (or fake book) and just practice playing single note lines with block chords, when you can do that then progress to something more complex with more notes per part.
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Re: Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by GuntherT »

I had never heard of piano tab before now, but I looked it up, and I agree with the prior post that you are better off taking it slow and learning the proper way. I don't think you will find any software that incorporates piano tab given it is not standard notation. I think time spent practicing sight reading will get you past your problem before software will.
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Re: Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by AlexTheBassist »

What an enormous stupidity… Gosh, how is that even possible? Piano tabs? Better kill me than let me see it alive.
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Re: Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by rghvdberg »

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Re: Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by varpa »

Musescore has just introduced a new way to learn piano which is a little like piano tabs:
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Re: Notation editor that supports piano tabs?

Post by Natelok »

rghvdberg wrote: Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:14 am

Might be even better.

Oh. My. God! That is intense. I managed to sort of play along in my head to a few pieces "music" but wow, it's really not giving me a visual of a keyboard.

:shock: :?: :wink: :roll:

I also have never heard of piano tab before today. I don't see the need, personally. Guitar or bass tab, sure, it's literally telling you what fret on what string. You don't have to know the note names, just string and fret number.

You have to learn the keyboard if you want to use the piano tab notation, and if you have to learn the notes on the keyboard anyway, why not take the extra half an hour to learn how to read traditional music notation? It's really not complicated, and the more you do it, the easier it gets.

To OP, I'd like to say "practise is more important than any other thing in music. If you really want to take a shortcut, use a scale mapping plugin. This Piano Tab business will just make it harder for you."

But also, eh, you do you, ya know? But as a guitarist who has played from tab my entire musical life, it took me maybe a month to be able to sight read trad notation. I think it makes a lot more sense for keyboard based instruments, and helped improve my guitar writing (not playing) as well.


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