[ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.4.0

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[ANN] Konfyt Digital Keyboard Workstation v1.4.0

Post by noedig »

Konfyt 1.4.0 has been released!

This version adds a patch-wide MIDI filter.

Konfyt is a digital keyboard workstation for Linux which allows you to set up patches, each with multiple layers, and instantly switch between these patches for live keyboard playing. Patches may consist of multiple layers of soundfonts (.sf2), SFZ instruments, audio input ports and MIDI output ports. Konfyt features a library for quick access to soundfont programs and SFZs.



  • Patch MIDI filter (filters MIDI for entire patch before it is routed to layers).


  • Add "..." to some GUI menu items.
  • When a new port/bus is added, activate editing its name.
  • When an external app is added or edited, focus the app name text box.
  • Fix patch list menu button left border radius.


  • Eliminate potential threading race conditions related to MIDI filters.

The source code and precompiled binaries (under Releases) are available on Github:

Documentation can be found at Read the Docs:

Some more info, links to videos and news are available on the Konfyt website:

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