Time crystals

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Time crystals

Post by artix_linux_user »

Time crystals, developed with the help of the google quantum computer are something like a lfo...or a clock source...just that it will work forever and maybe breaking the laws of physics like conservation of energy.
There is also a chip now with the size of a thumbnail, consuming 6 watts per hour and this chip can produce photon pairs, 8000 qbits per second...

Published: 17 April 2023
Fully on-chip photonic turnkey quantum source for entangled qubit/qudit state generation

what do you think?
Is a perpetuum mobile possible?
Do you think, in 5 years, you will make music with quantum computing and AI ?


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Re: Time crystals

Post by AlkuK »

Quantum, quartz-- seems viable. But why? To make humans less reliant on machine-processing :mrgreen:

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