[ANN] yabridge 5.0.5, with more incremental fixes and improvements

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Robin Cherry
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Re: [ANN] yabridge 5.0.4, with a hotfix for plugin groups

Post by Robin Cherry »

Love your work.

I'm curious if anybody knows of any compatibility settings to get the Gforce Minimonsta2 and Oddity3 plugins working? At the moment when I open the vst2 or vst3 version of the plugins reaper crashes with no sound.

I'm running the most recent 5.0.4 Yabridge in Manjaro, with the latest winestaging 8 from the repositories, the latest version of reaper, under a Windows 10 prefix. I had the same issue with previous versions of yabridge and winestaging and a Windows 7 prefix.


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[ANN] yabridge 5.0.5, with more incremental fixes and improvements

Post by robbert-vdh »

It's been a couple months since the last release. I've been wanting to work on some more exciting features but I haven't had the time, and since these other changes have been sitting idly on the master branch for a while now I thought it would probably be a good idea to just release this first.

The changes and fixes in this release include a workaround for a VST3 Kontakt bug that could result in extremely slow project loading in REAPER, a change that prevents flickering when dragging plugin windows around in some window managers, a preemptive change to avoid things from blowing up once Wine natively supports Wayland, and fixes that would cause some very specific CLAP plugins to lock up when loading multiple instances.

The full changelog with all fixes and changes can be found here:

https://github.com/robbert-vdh/yabridge ... /tag/5.0.5

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