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Post by khz » ... rone_synth

This is a project of a fully analog polyphonic drone synthesizer with a touch keyboard.

On board:

8 Sound Generators (6 of them with selectable waveform: Triangle/Square)
8 Low Frequency Generators (LFOs) per voice to modulate the pitch of the sound.
8 Envelope Generators (Envelope) per voice to control the VCA of each voice.
8 touch sensors working in two modes (with and without latching).
White noise generator.
Mixer to control the volume of each voice.
Common low pass filter (one for all voices).
Common DIL (one for all voices).
Ability to connect external devices for CV/GATE control (optional).
Headphone output (optional).
Layout board for additions or experiments.

Separate indication of the operation of all units:

Operating status of the sensors or gate.
The speed of the LFO on each of the blocks.
The speed of the Envelope on each of the blocks.

What's on the knobs:

Wave - Selection of the oscillator waveform (Triangle/Square).
Pitch - Height of the oscillator sound.
Depth - Depth of LFO modulation.
Speed - LFO modulation speed.
Attack - The speed at which the volume of the sound increases.
Decay - The speed at which the sound volume is decaying.
Level - Volume.

Noise - The volume level of white noise.
Master - Overall volume level.

Delay - Dealey volume level.
Feedback - Dealey feedback level (number of tails).
Time - Delay speed.

Resonance - Frequency cutoff gain.
Freq - filter cut-off frequency.
Below are links to info about what you need to build, how it works, and other details.
How it works
How to Build
Schematic in PDF
List of components

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Re: Mushsynth-8_voice_drone_synth

Post by AlkuK »

Wow. That took some thought... :D

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