Hi, new here!

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Hi, new here!

Post by eRas3r »

I play guitar and am just delving into tue digital side of this fascinating world!

I’ve used numerous Linux distros over the last couple years, Ubuntu mainly for general computing and programming work, but also raspbian/Debian, Kali, and some other versions based on those systems. I recently found Ubuntu Studio when I got into video editing.

But on the flip side I play guitar a bit, and also run Windows because of compatibility with my coursework and other things. So I’ve been messing with Guitar Rig and some DAWs, and have started playing around with learning to layer and record my riffs and ideas. I have a cheap usb interface and it does the job but I have issues with latency and I am serious about getting a better unit as I progress and get better.

That being said the cheap usb interface has hooked up to an OTG allowing me to play through amp apps on android devices, and can connect on Windows to audacity, guitar rig, cakewalk and fruityloops among others.

So last week my Girlfriend brought home a desktop PC that was being given away for free but was minus a HDD. I decided to set up a more permanent studio rig and installed the latest Ubuntu Studio. I was really impressed by the updated software that has been added since I last used it and found a ton of audio and guitar related goodies at my disposal.

So I hooked up my usb interface, plugged in my guitar and had a few issues which sort of led me here after hitting the search engines for advice.

My interface is detected in lsusb and can be selected as UPNP usb device or something similar.I can use it’s mic port to send my system sound to my headphones and can see my guitars levels in audacity but can’t hear my guitar or select it in most programs except some which show it as upnp usb microphone or also for input and output devices they show the same thing upnp usb device.

So hopefully after I finish introducing myself I can find some advice

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Re: Hi, new here!

Post by RyanH »

Hi, welcome to the forum!

This is just a basic thing to get you started... there's a lot more options for routing audio in Ubuntu Studio, like using Jack/Qjackctl, which open a lot more possibilities.

I don't remember how it worked in Windows, but with Audacity in Linux, try going to:


...and make sure "Software playthrough of input" is checked. Now, if you want to hear the guitar before you actually start recording (just to check out the sound), click on the part of the main Audacity window that says "Click to Start Monitoring." You should be able to hear the guitar.

You should also (after turning on that setting in the Edit menu) be able to hear your guitar while recording. However, you won't be able to hear it when you're playing along to whatever you've already recorded if you're not currently recording. For some reason, you can't "monitor" it while the song is playing, only while it's stopped or while you're recording. (Kinda strange)

If after doing the above, you can see that your guitar is playing on the meter in Audacity but still can't hear it, you might have to switch your headphones to the computer's headphone jack or the one on your interface (depending on which one you're already using.

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Re: Hi, new here!

Post by Gps »

Welcome. :)

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