Small CASH budget to get MIDI plugin off the ground

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Small CASH budget to get MIDI plugin off the ground

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I'll pay to for this to be developed to the end but will also pay to at least get the initial code I've already have to run let's say in Reaper, just to get the main interface running.

The task is about the creation of a cross platform MIDI Event List plugin that will basically allow me to write MIDI data on any DAW, will keep the sequence in its own "memory", will move through the event list by reading the host's playhead to stay in synch and will position the playhead as needed for editing and will allow writing to and reading from the existing MIDI tracks in the DAW.

Here is an example from youtube of drag and drop MIDI data exchange between a MIDI plugin and its host.

I asked openAI's Chat GPT to make it in JUCE for me and it wrote some code. I'll pay to get this code to work in JUCE or for whatever modifications could be needed to make it work. NOTE:  I'm not a programmer so I'm struggling to move forward with this.

Here https://midi-event-list4all.forumotion. ... any-host#2 is my interaction with ChatGPT on this subject and the code it put together for me. This forum doesn't allow the use of the spoiler tag and I needed it to make the interaction easier to read so the link goes to another forum I just created but that I hve no intention to maintain. All replies (if any) should be posted in this thread.

NOTE: Please be kind. This thread is exclusively for the purpose of moving this idea forward. Any suggestions that I should adapt my workflow to an existing product or that suggest the pointlessness or difficulty of developing this please post them on viewtopic.php?p=152430#p152430 so that it will not be a distraction.

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