Debian Bullseye with KDE Audio Workstation install guide

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Re: Debian Bullseye with KDE Audio Workstation install guide

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tiredsince1985 wrote: Thu Jan 19, 2023 9:56 am

This is awesome! I'm in the process of moving off of macOS/Logic Pro to Reaper, I'm tired of the constant shift with macOS and want to change it up to a more lean DAW and an OS that stays out of my way.

I wrote this guide nearly 2 years ago and, while most things are still relevant, a couple are outdated. Particularly, the KX repos have changed so some of the pinning mentioned in posts above won't be accurate.
I'm planning to write a new guide for Bookworm/KDE sometime but as it uses Pipewire as default I need to do more learning and testing first. It's working fine on a Sid install I have but that is experimental for me so far and my daily driver is still the same Bullseye install I made before writing this guide. For a new guide I plan to make it leaner than this by pruning the install list and including an optional list of plugins and applications instead.

I did manage to install some ValhallaDSP reverb/delays via their legacy installer using Wine and then running Carla with the Wine bridge loaded into Ardour/Reaper. "Bottles" is another interesting Wine project at the moment.

The Valhalla plugins are great. I love Supermassive reverb. :wink: 8)
Bottles looks like a convenient WINE configuration utility but I won't be using it as it's only available as Flatpak and I'm not going to install full Flatpak runtime dependencies just for that. WINE doesn't need it but I guess it makes some things a couple of clicks easier.

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