Unboxing the MOD Dwarf Founders Edition

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Unboxing the MOD Dwarf Founders Edition

Post by milo »

Back in early 2020 (nearly 3 years ago) I supported the MOD Dwarf Kickstarter, hoping to get my device by Christmas of that year. Well, that didn't happen, as pandemic lockdowns and then supply chain molasses slowed production to the point where the company went bankrupt last year. I lost all hope of ever getting my device, and felt like a sucker for not demanding my device when I still could have gotten it. But last year the company restructured and obtained new investors, and they announced that they still intended to meet all of their obligations from the Kickstarter backers. I finally got my device last week, and it is pretty cool.

Basically it is a stomp box effects pedal that runs a Linux distro, so it is amazingly customizable. I haven't even scratched the surface of what it can do, but out of the box it sounds great.

I just posted an unboxing video, including a jam session exploring the sounds it can make out of the box: https://youtu.be/B-HuRACVik0

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Re: Unboxing the MOD Dwarf Founders Edition

Post by folderol »

Thanks for this. It's so nice to come across a company with such integrity - but knowing some of the people involved it's no surprise!

The Yoshimi guy {apparently now an 'elderly'}
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