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Carla on ARM

Post by foxchild »

So, I read this post by Jeremy of, that he managed to build Carla on a Raspberry Pi.
Now I am wondering... could it be possible to run any VST pluging (even if built for windows) on the Raspberry Pi? Do you have any idea about what might be a problem here?

Here's a link to the post: ... mment-2953

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Re: Carla on ARM

Post by dave »

Assuming I've correctly understood your question-- there will be features here and there that Wine doesn't support, which will bug out some VSTs beyond usability, but it's hypothetically just as possible as running Windows VSTs in Linux on x86. Most of the Wine/VST bugs I have seen are UI-related, but since hosts like Carla generate their own controls, you should have marginally better luck than if you were relying 100% upon Wine to pull off the trick.

However, I don't know the state of Wine on RPi.. does that even work without a lot of hacks? For that reason I am not sure you will have good results.

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Re: Carla on ARM

Post by Musicteacher »

I don't think that dave is right here.

Any binary that is compiled for x86 processors will not work on an ARM processor. wine only emulates system-calls, not the processor!

If you get a windows vst compiled for arm based windows machines, there is a hypothetical chance that this could work with wine on arm.

Also, it is (of course) possible to emulate the processor, but his is very slow.

See here:

As the pi is slow anyway, this is very unlikely to work for audio-software.

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Re: Carla on ARM

Post by milk »

falktx has at least mentioned in passing an interest in using binfmt_misc to run plugins cross-platform. i guess the binfmt_misc method could be used independently by anyone though.
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