(X)ubuntu 18.04: firefox : no soundcloud audio

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Re: (X)ubuntu 18.04: firefox : no soundcloud audio

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Ok, don't try it.
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Re: (X)ubuntu 18.04: firefox : no soundcloud audio

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jonetsu wrote:
bluebell wrote: My (and other people's) problems were similar: strange balance with Soundcloud (one channel louder than the other, Pulseaudio outputs to 3(!) channels), but NO problems with Youtube. I am no Pulseaudio expert. Maybe Pulseaudio can be tweaked. Just watch pavumeter when playing Youtube-videos and Soundcloud-clips. Maybe you can see the different channel routing.
I see what you might mean although in this case firefox does not even go to pavucontrol (I do not currently have pavumeter installed) :

When firefox plays something from youtube:
When firefox plays something from soundcloud:
I'm only commenting as I haven't got the chance to do anything about this yet.
I see a difference on my system. When playing youtube I have the "AudioIPC Server", when playing Soundcloud I have the "AudioCallbackDriver" on pavucontrol.

pavumeter is handy, though, as it shows the number of used channels and the signals in them.
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