RaffoSynth lv2

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RaffoSynth lv2

Post by Baggypants »

Someone pointed out this to me on the internet


an lv2 minimoog of sorts, well, it has 4 oscillators, only 4 waveforms per osc and no self modulation of the filter.

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Re: RaffoSynth lv2

Post by stanlea »

Thanks Baggypants, it builds well (asm version) with the needed libraries (nothing out of the depos). A small GUI bug : if you set oscillators off, you can't reverse to on. Not a big deal, just reload Raffo. Sound seems promising.

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Re: RaffoSynth lv2

Post by ssj71 »

There are 2 sound demos in the repo, 1 I found pretty impressive, the 2nd not so much. I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on this synth.

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