Newbie with hydrogen, midi gate and a few more questions.

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Newbie with hydrogen, midi gate and a few more questions.

Postby eddie3000 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:12 am

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

I've been messing with hydrogen lately because Father Christmas brought me an Akai mpd218 :D :D But I have a few questions, hoping someone might be able to help.

One problem is this device suffers from double triggers and involuntary low velocity note triggering. Not much one can do about this, and in spite of all the solutions I found online, none of them are 100% effective. A solution akai suggests for ableton live is to use a filter midi gate to filter out these low velocity notes. Does Hydrogen have this possibility?

When one note is played with a high velocity, immediately followed by a low velocity note you can clearly hear the first sample get cut very abruptly. This occurs with all the drumsets I have downloaded for hydrogen. Is there a way to leave the first sample carry on until the end? Or fade out gradually?

When one plays the hihat, the open hihat is normally cut when you play the closed hihat. This is normal behaviour on all drum sets I have used in my life, even twenty years ago. Is it possible to cut the open Hihat from sounding when the closed hihat is played in hydrogen?

And lastly, can hydrogen send feedback to a midi controller to control the devices lights?

I hope these are not too many questions to start off with, but I've been looking around for a while and have no solutions yet.

Thank you very much.

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