Five hour sunday project...

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Five hour sunday project...

Post by Excds »

This was todays five hour project together with a friend. Our base premise was that we wanted to do something sounding a bit like Skinny puppy and that we HAD to put something on soundcloud before the day was over... :-)

Amsynth for a "dirty" industrial sound in the intro.
Qtractor for sequencing and VST hosting.
Hydrogen for drums with tal dub 3 and some reverb with tal reverb.
Extra kick drum with tal noisemaker, tal filter 2 and tal dub 3.
Quirky synth using tal noisemaker and tal filter 2.
Zynaddsubfx for bass with some overdrive and flanger.
Rakarrack with the JimiVibe2 setting for vocals.
Ever noticed something?
Unix comes with compilers.
Windows comes with solitaire.

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Re: Five hour sunday project...

Post by SR »

I would have thought this sounded like Skinny Puppy even if you hadn't mentioned it. Cool tune.

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Re: Five hour sunday project...

Post by luster »

Quite nice. I have listened to it several times. It sounds smooth, not bumpy.

I liked the "found" or "ready-made" vocal part implemented from the math book. There is still much to explore in this area.

The idea of a "five-hour project" is interesting. It seems to serve to move the work closer to exhibiting the characteristics of an actual live performance.

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