Untitled (introducing Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer)

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Untitled (introducing Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer)

Post by TAERSH »


After creating around 80 .sf2 files from sounds of the SY22/TG55 Synthesizers I played a little with that sound files.
So far I created a nice song using some of these sounds but also using sounds/samples created with Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer.

Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer is a program to turn pictures into sound. Sound can be manipulated in real time and also recorded.

Here's the song's video incl. a short intro of Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-2KczqtZjo
Here's the song on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-633698367/untitled
Here's Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer: https://warmplace.ru/soft/ans/

Have fun!

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Re: Untitled (introducing Virtual ANS Spectral Synthesizer)

Post by gennargiu »

Hi on mx linux 19.1 it don't work. After start version linux x64 when open a project file included in program error (Line 1) error synthax ( setting jack audio)

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