Awen - Album: Chosen Cards

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Awen - Album: Chosen Cards

Postby bartart3d » Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:29 pm

Hi all,

I thought I'd let you know too, our album, 'Chosen Cards' is out :-D . It took a real long time, but finally we're there!

Here is a link to the album:

All is recorded on linux, Ardour, additional synths and virtual instruments, including soundfonts are from free sources! For writing and composing I used mainly lilypond and some musescore.
There are a few samples that I've used, that have been recorded 10 to 15, even 20 years ago, when I was still unaware of the open source options for music, but they've been processed with the current, and wonderful tools :-D

Now we're looking for opportunities to play it on stage! Ideas, possible contacts, etc.. all is welcome! :wink:


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Re: Awen - Album: Chosen Cards

Postby ufug » Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:21 pm

This is going to take a while to fully digest (there is a lot going on here) but it is quite good. I like the variety between the pieces, the instrumentation and the energy behind the performances. Looking forward to spending some more time with it.

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Re: Awen - Album: Chosen Cards

Postby milo » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:57 pm

This is an interesting album with quite a dark sound overall. I like the accordion, which adds a lot of interest. This is quite a labor of love if it took you 8 years to record it, and some of the samples are 20 years old! You've been at this for a while. Congratulations on bringing this to completion!

I notice that the vocals are rather indistinct and usually overshadowed by other sounds in the mix. Not sure if that is the sound you are going for. If not, then you might want to push up the volume on the vocal tracks and maybe drop some of your midrange out of the master bus EQ to bring the vocals forward in the mix.

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Re: Awen - Album: Chosen Cards

Postby bartart3d » Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:33 pm


thanks for the comments :-) .

it is interesting to hear that some hear the vocals as not 'on top' enough, others don't mention it at all, even say it's surprisingly clear.
At first I thought it was because of the speakers, but it happens too when people listen on the same audio system, here at my place.
I don't believe it's a matter of opinion though, I'm sure it must be in the mixing, but i do think that different ears actually hear different things, or in other words that not all ears hear the same frequencies the same way. The best mix is of course where everyone hears everything equally clear :-) .

Yes, some samples are quite old, but it's not so that I have recorded them 20 years ago with the purpose of using them for this album :-) . I just have a really big archive of recordings that I've made over the years from previous bands, jam-sessions, video footage (with audio) etc.. Also, it took 8 years because of regular life.. work, kids, dishes ;-) , not only for me, but for Lieselot (on the accordeon) too.

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