Wait_CODEC (on SoundCloud)

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Wait_CODEC (on SoundCloud)

Post by Detente »

NOTE: website address fixed!

Hi, I am posting up some previously unreleased material for free usage of others.
Also, it's to let people know that I'm still alive despite several severe setbacks (again).

The files ought to be 48 kHz 16-bit FLAC audio hosted on httpS://SoundCloud.com/wait_codec

I had to change my username both here and there for passphrase-related reasons.
Mods, you are free to deep-freeze my old "ProtoZone" username, yet please don't delete my old posts if you don't have to. However, I can no longer us that account (I forgot my passphrase a long time ago and have no backup email addy's).

I will of course comply with the site rules and try my best to stay outta trouble.
I hope these snippets remind people of my musical precedents.

These were synthesized within semi-customized Linux freeware DAW OS'es.
To get proper pronouncing required some trial and error and occasionally some crossfades.

I will be re-upping some of my better older materials as I can.
My DAW is not yet rebuilt, maybe next month, however. Certainly, probably by summertime.

In other news, I moved away from the place(s) of most frequent victimizations permanently so hopefully I won't have to keep falling off and coming back up again.

Peace be with y'all. :mrgreen:

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Re: Wait_CODEC (on SoundCloud)

Post by milo »

Very nice sounds. I particularly liked "I Will NOT Be Coming Back." Really cool sounds in that track. The human vox-like pad sound has some really effective pitch-bending technique. Impressive sound sculpting!

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Re: Wait_CODEC (on SoundCloud)

Post by Michael Willis »

I totally missed this last week! I hope you are doing better than a few months ago. I thought maybe something bad happened because you hadn't posted for a while.

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Re: Wait_CODEC (on SoundCloud)

Post by Basslint »

Dude, you make really good music!
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