liftoff (instrumental metal)

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Re: liftoff (instrumental metal)

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Nice & phat!

Exporting the song as audio and importing to ardour seems the most practical way, I'm doing it in 24b .wav, and a track per instrument if I want more control in the mix later. Hydrogen's midi export hasn't been reliable to begin with in my experience, plus it forces you to wire hydrogen as a midi instrument later, no easy ride neither, or to loose most its features by falling back to DrMr.

The way to lively drumtracks in hydrogen, IMO:
  • humanize! The controls are in the mixer, randomizing both timing and velocity, feeling out a good limit, helps a lot, swing does not really make sense unless you know that's what you want
  • 'randomize velocity' is also available per instrument track in the pattern editor
  • a special case is 'machine gunning', an unwanted sterile sound when quickly triggering the same sample a few times in a row, for this, it can help to spread the lick over two or more instruments, i.e., you often have two snares to chose from in one kit; you could load more instruments, clone & modify the ones you have, or, again, you can draw on velocity randomization, which would make sense if you
  • use kits that have layered samples - you can check on the instrument editor, you can audit the individual layers, adjust their trigger thresholds together with the velocities so that you avoid repetitiveness
  • don't let your hydrogen song repeat - even if it should consist of only one pattern, fill the entire hydrogen song with it, so that 'humanize' can affect each iteration differently (unless you're totally pressed for disk space)
@GMaq the two reasons for messed up midi regions in ardour that I'd be aware of, are a) the ease with which you can generally produce an unwanted edit without noticing, especially when using a touchpad; this affects all types of tracks, and more specifically, b) the fact that copies/duplicates of midi regions are, by afaik uneditable default, linked to each other, so that you need to explicitly unlink a midi region if you don't want the changes made to it to affect all its clones, too. I can see how that's maybe a sensible default, but I'd like to be able to turn it off globally, and would find it useful as an option for audio regions, too.

Happy about the energic guitar play, nice chords, dose of cool shredding :), I'm definitely one who likes a bit of guitar indulgence.
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