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"Keep Dancing With Me" by Carbon 14 Lies (me, protozone)

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:25 pm
by protozone
Keep Dancing With Me

I have been debating with myself about whether or not to publicize this tune or not for a long time.
Here it is, please enjoy it while it lasts :mrgreen:

I can't guarantee that I'll keep this tune up for long, yet, "Carbon 14 Lies" is indeed my new musician name.


All the instrument sounds were composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, and processed by me.
The lyric samples were not, but that's another story for another day.

As usual, this tune is a FREE download.

However, unlike before, it's a WAVpack (.wv) 32-bit 48 kHz stereo high-fidelity audio file. It can be played via VLC Media Player, Foobar2000, or any other audio playback system capable of the lossless WAVpack codec. Several other freewares allow playback or conversion of WAVpack audio files. The WAVpack format is preferable because it is amongst the highest quality format with zero compromises. What is heard is 100% of what was composed and intended to be heard.

When you download WAVpack files from this page, you can be more certain that you are hearing exactly what the composer heard of his own finished compositions. I am that composer. I hope you enjoy every tune to the fullest.

Thanks for being a part of this musical experience.

P.S.-If you'd rather receive a FLAC (free lossless audio codec) audio file instead of a WAVpack, please let me know. WAVpack files can be kind of large, so maybe I'll switch to FLAC like I used to have available on SoundCloud. But for now, you have access to the best quality format I can personally make available. Most people already have VLC Media Player available to them on Mac Windows & Linux
and many already use it. So it's not like you don't have a player for it. Personally, I like Foobar2000 too. Generally, any impressive freeware audio or media player worth it's weight in bits ought to be able to play it. I got no love for WMP.


Re: "Keep Dancing With Me" by Carbon 14 Lies (me, protozone)

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:20 pm
by lilith
Sounds good! The vocals could be a lot louder imho. The drums feel a bit isolated, did you use reverb on them?
... and welcome back btw. :wink:

Re: "Keep Dancing With Me" by Carbon 14 Lies (me, protozone)

Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:48 pm
by jonetsu
I would also say that the vocals would benefit to be more upfront while being more integrated. The piece as a whole is quite good although this one needs a good mix. Everything can be a bit more integrated while still retaining the atmosphere. I'd say that a good remix would make the piece, who already is pretty good, more of an enjoyable experience, eg. out of the 'test lab' so to speak.


The First No L!

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 3:14 am
by protozone
Jonetsu & Lilith: Thanks so much for the quick and heartfelt replies. You both bring up some great ideas worth considering. I'm at a disadvantage until I repurchase a MIDI Controller, so please don't expect much to happen yet. But your suggestions are worth trying out, so I probably will eventually.

Thanks for welcoming me back too!
I'm glad you both got something out of the tune.
I really will try and make this tune (and my other newer tunes) alot more enjoyable.
My last sortie of composing taught me alot about what I'm usually missing.
I think during my next sortie I can accomplish more of what I usually can't.
But again, it won't be for a while until I get my studio rebuilt.

For what it's worth, I'm currently homeless (again!!!!!!!!!), but on the verge of getting out of it.
Music-making helps keep me from literally turning into some kind of strange vigilante.
It's not really in the cards for me to survive as a vigilante; I'd probably accomplish vast oodles of surprise wierdness right before being lethally taken out in a brief flash of brainsplatter by some sharpshooter with the wrong idea about my intentions. So it's better for me to get back to making tunes and art and getting a life back rather than channeling all my insights and anguish into taking out some feudal lords who have it coming to them.

Nevertheless, I'm not ruling out accomplishing attainable specific altruistic goals on the side; but from the origins of desperation brings out the extremes of my personality which aren't really supposed to be revealed to anybody (even to me) unless the actual world and/or my actual life is about to end.

So as a standby, I intend to channel some insights into future tune/communications and maybe make a single gallery-level painting to sell at high cost as a one-time life's work. I'll do my best to avoid putting any launch codes into it :lol: (seriously, I'm against launches; NO L!)

Back on topic...

I understand what you each are saying about the vocals. I seriously can't alter those much at all. It took tons of work to get them to where they are because of time compression-expansion and some content edits. They are actually from some REALLY OLD material that I don't have proper access to. The lyrics are the achilles tendon of the whole tune, but what they say and how they say it are kind of a fun novelty. But I'll see what I can do. Maybe there's something I can tweak to improve them if I can find the original project stems (which might easily have been deleted by now).

I tend to like having drums isolated. I don't think I've used reverb on drums since the 1990s. I find that a lot of people are taught to put reverb on almost everything the same way some people put table salt on most foods before even tasting them for flavor.

As for integrating the elements more, I'm not really sure how to accomplish that yet. Although I do find that often it can happen by simply overdubbing more content. For whatever reasons, I often tend to max out at only a few voices of overdubs before I run out of ideas for several weeks or months. But maybe it's possible. I will see what I can do.

Peace be with you both and everyone else.
Hopefully I can kick my production back into higher gear.
I've got to get some basic necessities before much happens, but that's a given.

Even so, I'll try to get some old unreleased material up on the site even if it's temporarily subpar.
Sometimes those types of projects end up more popular than the stuff I've slaved over for weeks.