mtf8 - the smile

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mtf8 - the smile

Post by mtf8 »

Although my producer uses Logic, I used free software to write and arrange this track

DAW: Ardour (used to create stems)
Drums: Drumgizmo with CrocellKit
Some Patches: ZynAddSubFX

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Re: mtf8 - the smile

Post by forestandgarden »

Hey, why did this song not get any feedback? We need to learn to listen to each other's stuff again here, not just publish it.
I'm glad I did listen/download, this is not my home genre, but I find it great! Crafty work in many respects. I hear a wide cross-section of 80's influences (could be just me), from Billy Idol over The Cure to Vangelis to Ministry of Sound, and more contemporary elements like trance chirps and a spirit of noise - speaking of which, the song has a really good build-up, getting richer and fuller by the minute.
Also sets my prejudices towards Drumgizmo straight: I thought it was pretty much overkill complexity-wise (part of me still thinks that), and more a thing for the heavies, but that set sounds good to me (the track programming is very decent, too, that helps!)

More, please! (I wonder how you'd sound doing prog, pop, or jazz fusion :) - or pure, instrumental noise )
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Re: mtf8 - the smile

Post by jonetsu »

It's a good 'pop' tune in the sense that everything is driven home and revolves around the vocals. I use to listen to some tunes in that general mood. As such I wouldn't say that it breaks any ground. Sometimes the way the vocals are put out reminds a bit of some Peter Hammill of the 'techno' era eg "Sitting Targets".

It's a good tune, the mix stands on its own although there could be more definition perhaps but then again, it might not be wanted as the effect might be one of an emotional blur. IMHO it could have more 'far out' parts here and there that would add exclusive character.


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Re: mtf8 - the smile

Post by lilith »

That's a great song! To my ears it sounds like a poppy version of goth rock (a bit of THE CURE, FIELDS OF NEPHILIM, BAUHAUS, ... ) and the vocals reminds me a bit of Wolfsheim and PETER MURPHY from Bauhaus.
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Re: mtf8 - the smile

Post by windowsrefund »

Thank you very much for the listens. Working hard over here to dig up my old Cakewalk created MIDI files from many many years ago. I've been shuffling around between all the DAWs and am now up and running with Qtractor. In any case, that song was new and just "happened". My producer and I have 3 songs in progress at the moment which are slated for an EP I hope to upload mid 2019? It's really been an amazing thing to have this project back in my life after I put it down over a decade ago. Getting back to 'the smile', we still need to actually master the thing and I may even try to get those drums "cracking" a bit more... We shall see

And yes, you folks busted me. Musically, I've always been totally inspired by Fields of The Nephilim, The Cure, and Neil Diamond's "The Jazz Singer" album. Again, thanks so much for the listens. I appreciate it.

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Re: mtf8 - the smile

Post by folderol »

very strange track. I really don't know what to make of it. Very well done, but not really for me :?

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