Avocado Overdose - Instrumental

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Avocado Overdose - Instrumental

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This is an instrumental background track that starts off easy and gets crazy towards the end. Drums use the 808 pack for Hydrogen, and I'm using ZynAddSubFX for a few ambient sound effects. I recorded the rest in Ardour, and mastered the best I could with JAMIN. I'm not a great audio engineer yet, but I'm trying to learn.

I struggled to make the mix translate across different speaker setups. If I play it back to back with a reference track, it can sometimes sound louder or quieter than the reference, depending on what speakers I'm using. Is that normal? I suspect the sound I'm going for just won't play nice with some speakers (deep low end with lots of reverb). I fooled around with it and got it to the point where it was *good enough* but I'd welcome any advice for the future.

Here's the video (Made with Blender, GIMP, and OpenShot)

Just the music:

Appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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Re: Avocado Overdose - Instrumental

Post by folderol »

Well, that's about the strangest thing I ever heard - and I don't mean that negatively.
I get the image of a bunch of kids in a downtrodden area, collecting bits of junk and turning them into musical instruments.

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