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Re: Free Downloads by ProtoZone: Yay Flashy Mix!

Postby protozone » Thu May 31, 2018 8:29 pm

It's probably both things that you both say + the stuff I said too.
I'm in a totally different room these days with a different shape and size, and while I did like the Alesis's, these do seem better to my ears for whatever reason. I'm not saying they are better speakers than the other brand, just that they are easier for me to use in this instance. I don't think it's about power though, I think they are more suited to mids and highs while the Alesis's are slightly better for lows (but not very low with only a 3.5" driver) possibly at the cost of less clear highs.

Anyways, this discussion is for another thread.

I'm just glad if y'all like my music. That's the only reason I have them anyhow :mrgreen:
Thanks again for listening.

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