Existence / Resistance (demo EP)

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Existence / Resistance (demo EP)

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Hello all,

Throughout 2017 I've been using a bunch of free software to record some demos for my band. At the beginning of this year I've slightly remixed them and we're releasing it as a small demo EP called "Existence / Resistance". I'd describe the genre as traditional 80s heavy metal with some more modern elements. If you're interested in this kind of music, please give it a listen and follow the band in your favorite social networks.

You can stream/download from several places, just follow the link here: https://mortticia.rocks/music/

I'm happy enough with the result but I know it's far from perfect so it hurts a little to release these tracks. I feel like I learned a lot and could do so much better, but alas, I also feel I need to release this and move on to the next steps and newer projects. Thanks for listening and feel free to ask me anything about the production process :)
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