The Chrononaught

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The Chrononaught

Post by AJprog »

Join our intrepid chrononaught as he travels back in time to the heyday of electronic music.

The main components of this track were composed using the Alionoctis and Crio VST plugins. The computer voice was generated using espeak. It was all mixed down in Audacity.

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Re: The Chrononaught

Post by dormirj »

i really enjoy the composition, especially the warbly synths in the first half, but i find the sounds in general and especially the drums in the later stages of the piece sound a little to flat for the sound i was imagining this to go for, it might be just personal taste, but i'd rather go for some drum- and melody instruments that have a bit more depth/complexity/modulation than those really simple ones you use, they rather remind me of cheap late 80s keyboard pcm drums (not that i dislike those) than the heyday of electronic music. nevertheless i enjoyed the ride,

thank you,

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