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jam22 : electronica

Postby jonetsu » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:34 pm

This one is a "one synth" type of thing, although with some drums and percussion. It features a theme followed by two solos. A total improvisation done rather quickly although some time was spent mixing it, with several iterations evaluated over 2 weeks.

The synth is u-he's Hive. I yet do not make sounds and so I thank people out there who are so creative in creating patches - for me it is still some kind of mysterious art.

Comments/critics welcomed !

Cheers !


Hive instances:
Bassline: Transmitting Spheres - ARP Bassline Ana
Supporting arp: VSP Liquid Sounds - ARP Green
Spurious chords: 'native' Howard Scarr Aerodrome
Bass drum: 'native' KS Bassdrum gated
Theme: Melodic Enchantement - TI Pulsar
1st solo: Melodic Enchantement - TI Enigma Arts
2nd solo: Melodic Enchantement - TI Travel in a dream
Ambient: 'native' ETE Clouded

Drums: Bluezone Downtempo - Dbox loop 1004
Cymbals: Mode Audio BeatScenics - Greener Grass

Sketched out in Bitwig, single tracks exported pre fader into Mixbus 32C for mixing.

Mixbus: XT-EG, XT-DC on drums, XT-EG on bass drum. Reverb on various mixbusses: Uhbik-A. Uhbik phaser on cymbals. Master bus: XT-ME, and a Presswerk that despite its preset name of being 'Gentle loving' is working quite a lot. Ambient, bassline and arp tracks were doubled and panned. The copied bassline track was filtered highly to extract only the midrange and then blended in back with the original.

Exported "sans norm"
Integrated loudness: -17.7 LUFS
Loudness range: 1.4 LU
Peak: -1.5 dbFS
True peak: -1.5 dBTP
Twin peaks: no way

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