Black Sheep Riot - "I Don't Give A F**k" (Lyric video)

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Black Sheep Riot - "I Don't Give A F**k" (Lyric video)

Post by Nachei »

Another of my lyric videos created with Kdenlive. This one was somewhat of a cursed project, where I had to do a lot of compromising and things ended up like in the Smith & Jones' architect sketch (for reference in case you haven't seen it:

VIDEO: made with Kdenlive, Gimp, MtPaint, and for the long solo section in the middle I gave a try to Lebinou (of which I got a basic hang thanks to the good labors of this forum :) ).

The big takeaway this time was to render the video periodically to check everything is fine. Up until now, I had found KdenLive's preview window showed exactly what you were going to get once you rendered... however, surprise, this time it turned out that's not always the case. After banging my head against the wall with resolutions, project settings etc, I finally had to do a poorman's rendering by setting the preview window in full screen and recording it "live" with Simplescreenrecorder. To allow this, the "performance" couldn't have any hiccups, so I had to remove certain effects and simplify others.

Another possible challenge of this project was that it was based on a huge jpg (20,000 px width), through which the focus comes and goes. But Kdenlive handled this without problems, after solving a few initial hurdles.

AUDIO: made with Reaper, LV2 plugins including Drumgizmo.

The song went Chinese Democracy on me. I still haven't been able to create a standard process for my Drumgizmo tracks. For some reason they sometimes gel with the rest of the song nicely, while other times they stick out like a sore thumb. This time it was the second case. After trying all the production tricks I could think of, rather than finishing this I abandoned it, fed up. I hope the result is listenable enough...
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